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Our 30+ at-home tests offer simple sample collection, free shipping, and physician-reviewed results and insights sent to your device in just days.

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Symptomatic & Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing now available

Collect your sample from home and send it for processing to a certified lab for secure digital results.

How It Works

Simple steps that put you in control

1. Request your test kit:

The test kit materials will be delivered right to your doorstep and includes pre-paid expedited shipping to send your sample to the lab.

2. Collect your sample:

Once you register your test, a board-certified physician reviews and approves your test order. Collect your sample and drop it in the mail.

3. Receive results in days:

Digital results and insights will be available on our secure platform within days. Easily share your results with your doctor or family members.

Why MyHealthPro

How self-discovery and science meet

Effective, well-established collection methods

Our at-home collection methods are backed by science and meet rigorous standards for reliability, stability, and validity.

Affordable pricing with no hidden costs

Prices for our tests are transparent, starting at $49 and often are covered using Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts.

Results reviewed by independent physicians

All lab test results come from CLIA-certified labs and are reviewed by an independent physician within days of the lab receiving your sample.

Easy to understand digital results and actionable insights

Our tests put you in control and provide personalized results with insights to help you take action.

Still Have Questions?

MyHealthPro tests are currently available to residents in 49 U.S. states.

With the exception of the COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit, we currently do not offer tests to residents of New York state. This is due to the state’s regulations around testing. We hope to eventually offer all of our tests in all 50 states.

No, you should not discontinue any of your current medications or supplements. Instead make sure to include your medication and supplement history in any questionnaires that may be included in your test kit. Please note that some test kits do not have questionnaires therefore medication history is not needed for those tests. If you have questions about a specific medication, please contact us and we’ll gladly answer any questions.

At this time, we do not currently offer testing to minors. This is because we aren’t able to irrefutably validate the guardianship of that minor. MyHealthPro and our Physician Network take those matters very seriously and as a result of it not being possible for us to confidently verify that guardianship, we cannot offer our testing for anyone under the age of 18.

Once your order is complete, your package will be shipped out of our fulfillment warehouse within 1 business day and you will receive your order within 2-8 business days. Once your sample reaches the lab, they will begin processing the sample. Typically, you will see your results within 5 business days of the lab having started the processing stage, depending on which test you ordered. For our COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit, results are typically available within 24-48 hours after the lab receives your sample.

If you have questions about a specific order or sample, please contact us .

Please keep in mind that shipping times have been unpredictable recently and some customers are experiencing shipping delays or unusual issues with their tracking (you can find more about this on the USPS and UPS websites).

If there has not been any movement in your order or sample tracking for 5 days, please reach out to the Customer Care Team about the next steps.

Each laboratory we use to help you get tested is CLIA-certified, which means they must meet or exceed high precision, accuracy, and validity standards, obtain both state and federal certifications, and submit themselves to regular inspections as well as independent third-party performance verifications.

These labs perform regular quality assurance testing and are often the same labs many physicians use to perform their testing. If you want to find out more about their validation processes, please contact us

The MyHealthPro family of tests are not intended to diagnose or treat disease.  MyHealthPro offers access to novel, CLIA certified laboratory testing for informative and educational purposes. Our tests are not intended as a substitute to medical professionals for professional medical opinion, support, diagnosis, or treatment.