Can I pay with my FSA/HSA card?

Yes, Generally most FSA and HSA cards can be used to pay for an at home health test. If you have specific questions, it’s best to contact your plan administrator.

Will insurance cover my test?

No, not at this time. Our tests are competitively priced and usually lower than a trip to your primary care provider and associated lab costs.

What payment options does MyHealthPro accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as some FSA and HSA cards.

Is a prescription necessary to order a test?

No, a prescription is not necessary to order any of our tests.

How is my privacy and data protected secured?

MyHealthPro follows all HIPPA standards, and our site is protected with a username and password / PIN and through SSL encryption, making it as secure as online banking.

Do I need to stop taking prescribed medications or nutritional supplements before taking a test?

You should not discontinue any medication without contacting your physician first.