The MyHealthPro family of tests are not intended to diagnose or treat disease.  MyHealthPro offers access to novel, CLIA certified laboratory testing for informative and educational purposes. Our tests are not intended as a substitute to medical professionals for professional medical opinion, support, diagnosis, or treatment.

The DIABETESpredict test identifies genetic variants that may be associated with higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes to inform and promote healthy lifestyle decisions and discussions with a medical professional. This test does not diagnose type 2 diabetes. A doctor must diagnose type 2 diabetes. These results do not mean that you or your family will necessarily develop type 2 diabetes. These results must be evaluated along with a complete individual and family medical history as well as other laboratory test results. This test analyses and informs only about certain genetic variants associated to the genetic risk of type 2 diabetes. This genetic test does not exclude that you or your family might develop other diseases. Prevention of type 2 diabetes must include an integrative approach that considers diet, exercise, sleep, meditation, emotions, and stress. The test uses genotyping to analyze the main genetic variants associated with type 2 diabetes taking into account multi-ethnic associations. MyHealthPro has constructed a prediabetes/diabetes test panel, which categorizes tests by four functional categories: glycemic control, insulin resistance, beta cell function, and comorbidity assessment (cardiovascular and renal) – a logical (but unique) approach to configuring a diabetes panel, as the “backbone” of diabetes is insulin resistance and beta cell function. The test is not designed to tell you anything about your current health status, or to be used to make medical decisions, whether you should or should not take a medication, or establish a treatment plan.